About Us

We are located in Southeast Georgia.  Growing up,  my husband and I always loved being around dogs & pups.  Our love for our pets made it even more fitting that we surround ourselves with what makes us happy.  Individually, we selected the breeds that we enjoyed the most.  Together, we dedicated ourselves to the betterment of our selected breeds which is the foundation of PQP.  We became Premier Quality Pups after request for our pups became higher in demand.  Much love, time, and effort goes into our own personal companions, as well as our pups.  All of our personal companions are sheltered from outside elements, and our puppies are both whelped & raised in a 336 square foot puppy room.  Our puppy room is a controlled environment for our pups providing them with both a stress free and pest free beginning.  This makes it easier for the transition to their new home.      



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