Paw Print Memories
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Families, now friends, who have given puppies from our past litters new and loving homes.  Thank you for staying in contact and for continuing our "Paw Print Memories".   
Paw Print Memories Board in Puppy Room

Forever Paw Print Memories
 What is a paw print,
so clear and adorned?  
Just the sign that Gods wishes,
have taken on form.
Wherever this creature has padded along,
The paw prints will tell us its life is still strong.
Through forests and valleys, through rivers and time,
The paw print will always leave stories behind.
They begin at a point and they travel so far,
Forever leaving Paw Print Memories in our hearts



Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new puppy!  She went back to the vet yesterday, and now weighs 28 pounds!!  She is also very smart and learning her commands well.  We decided to name her Shade.  I thought you may want to see a few pic's, although I haven't taken any for the past 2 weeks, so she's actually bigger now.
Shellie (Feb.,08)


Hi Pam!
We wanted to send you some pictures of Cayden!  She is the most wonderful dog and we are all throughly enjoying her so much!  She is a mommy's girl and I love it!  She is growing quick and is doing so good with all of her training.  Katy brought Cooper up a few weeks ago and they had a great time playing together.  They seemed to know each other right away.  Thanks so much for giving us such a wonderful dog!

David & Pam,
Thank You for the special gift you gave our family. My husband loves her and can't wait to get home! She is doing very well and fits right into our family.

June 13, 2011 litter of AKC Labs

Lab Males 

These puppies have brought us so much love and joy.
They came at the right time. They are doing great, and they
are adjusting well to their new home.
Richelle, GA (July, 11)
She is beautiful! We are so excited about our new family member.
Jeff, GA (June, 11)

John & Heather, TN (July, 11) 
Tricia & Family, GA (July,11)

Wayne & Shannon, GA (August, 11)

Hi David and Pam,

Michael and I just wanted to follow up with you regarding the blue pit puppy we purchased a couple weeks ago. Her name is Gypsy and she is doing great! She's had 2 vet appointments so far (her 2nd parvo and deworming) and the vet says she looks great. We are going back again this week for her ear crop consultation. She has accustomed to her new home very quickly :). We've attached a current photo of her, she's now 11.1 lbs. 

Michael and Meghan, GA (September, 11)

Tucky, Whelped 6-13-11
David and Pam,
Just wanted to check in. Tucky's doing great! Very well behaved and steals everyones heart she meets.
November, 2011 (Update)

GA, December 2011 (Update)

Duke, Whelped 6-19-10
Hello David and Pam,
We just wanted to update you guys on Duke. He's the best boy ever, he's around 90lbs of pure muscle and a very active pup. Duke and Charley (our 2 year old Chocolate lab) are inseparable, they never go anywhere without each other. Also we are no longer in the Fl Keys, we have been transferred to AK. The dogs love it here so much snow for them to run in. We are defiantly going to buy our next lab from you guys, you breed beautiful labs. Maybe a yellow to round it out for us :)

Kasey and Matt
January. 2012 (Update)





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